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Important Urban Pollination Project Announcement: Attention All Seattle P-Patch Site Coordinators and Gardeners!

2013 April 11
by susan

Native bees, tomatoes, and tuning forks, what do they have in common?

We are looking for P-patch gardeners to participate in the second year of the Urban Pollination Project! Please come to our informational meeting to find out how you and other members of your P-patch can get free Gold Nugget tomato plants for your garden and, at the same time, participate in research on native pollinators!


DATE: Sunday, April 14



            LOCATION: UW Seattle Greenhouse,

Here’s a URL for the campus map in case you get lost:


Enjoy the wonderful collection of amazing plants from around the world at the UW Greenhouse and learn more about our local gardens.

We would love to have at least 6 participants per P-patch, but the meeting and participation is open to all P-patch gardeners within the City of Seattle. Parking on campus is free on Sundays!