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2013 May 2
by marie

Our Gold Nugget cherry tomato plants are ready for you, citizen scientists! We’re kicking off UPP’s second year with  two upcoming tomato giveaway dates! At both, you can pick up your tomato plants, get stakes, netting, and other materials for participation, learn more about pollination, and get further instructions about how to submit data (online, once a week for the growing season!) and grow your plants. The giveaways are:

  • North Seattle: Sunday May 12th from 1pm-3pm at the UW Botany Greenhouse (NOT the CUH Greenhouse)
  • South Seattle: Sunday May 19th from 10am-1pm at Bradner Gardens Park 

MAKE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHICH P-PATCH YOU ARE IN AND WHAT YOUR PLOT NUMBER IS (so our bee observers can watch all the plants)! Also, make sure to let us know if you are an educator when you arrive so you can receive your extra plants and materials.

Please spread the word in your P-Patch- we need at least 6 participants per P-Patch to get the data we need to impact urban bee conservation!

PARKING DIRECTIONS FOR UW BOTANY GREENHOUSE EVENT (Sunday May 12, 1pm-3pm)- the greenhouse is the red marker and parking areas are the blue markers on the map below. Click “View Directions to UW Botany Greenhouse in Larger Map” link below for written directions and parking lot numbers. PARKING IS FREE AT UW ON SUNDAYS, but please be mindful of any signs that may restrict parking to permit-holders!

View Directions to UW Botany Greenhouse in a larger map