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Tracking Participants at YOUR P-Patch!

2013 May 7
by marie

Good news: We’ve had an overwhelming response from folks at P-Patches across the city!
Bad news: We have finite plants and supplies, and need to prioritize locations where we can get the data we need (P-Patches with 6 participants or more).

In the table below you can track how many participants there are in your P-Patch. P-Patches with 6 or more participants, or that have educators participating, will be guaranteed tomato plants. We will still try to give as many folks as possible plants to participate in UPP, prioritizing P-Patches with more participants, but can’t guarantee that everyone will receive them. To make sure you get plants, recruit your fellow gardeners in person or via your P-Patch listserve and have them email us! We’ll notify everyone on Saturday about who will get plants for sure! Make sure to RSVP to one of our Tomato Giveaway events by Friday 5/10 at 6pm!

Locations highlighted in yellow are already guaranteed plants! Those that are ALMOST there are highlighted in a lighter color!