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UPP bins and bee observers!

2013 July 5
by marie

A quick update on the project!

  •  UPP bins (containing a tuning fork, a graduated cylinder, laminated instructions, etc.) have been delivered to almost all UPP locations (in your shed or other agreed-upon location if your location does not have a shed)! The bins have giant UPP tomato/bee stickers on them, so they’re hard to miss! If you do not yet have a UPP bin,  if your bin is missing an item, or if you need a replacement for any other UPP supplies (stakes, netting) let us know by filling out this survey! 
  • We have UW undergraduate interns doing bee observations at many of the UPP locations around the city! If you see them watching your plants, please say hi! And if you have any questions or comments about this, please let us know!

Also, an important thing to remember, now that tomatoes are starting to form and ripen: These Gold Nugget tomatoes will be SMALL/CHERRY AND YELLOW WHEN RIPE! This is how they will look  when you need to pick them and start collecting/submitting data on tomato number and volume from ALL of your plants (and also when they will be good to eat!)!